Sunday August 07, 2020
PETERBOROUGH slumped to a potentially costly home defeat in the race for a Premier League play-off place yesterday.

The 'T Balfe Construction' Panthers were beaten 52-39 by reigning champions Edinburgh at the East of England Showground.

The impressive Monarchs wrapped up victory with two heats to spare as Peterborough mis-fired in front of their own fans for the fifth time this season.

Captain Ulrich Ostergaard top-scored with a 13-point haul boosted by a tactical ride in heat nine (when he came home second) and victories in his final two races while number one Craig Cook had earlier reeled off a hat-trick of wins in his opening three rides before fading in his final two outings.

But Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen was the only other man to take the chequered flag in front as Panthers provided only six race-winners and four advantages to come up short.

“Everyone knows how much I detest losing, especially at home,” said promoter Ged Rathbone.

“It is something we have experienced far too many times this season and we really have got to sort out the inconsistency with the track.

“There was a big event on during last week at the Showground and that meant it couldn’t be prepared in the way we ideally wanted it.

“Everyone could see it went slick very quickly and that looked to catch a lot of our guys out, but they have to be prepared better.

“They have to turn up with two bikes that have completely different set-ups so as they can deal with whatever track conditions they encounter.

"It is clear to see the team is not strong enough at the moment and I can assure the fans we are doing all we can to rectify that."

Peterborough started well as Cook saw off rival number one Sam Masters in the opening race with Tom Perry gifted third spot in a 4-2 by the retirement of Mark Riss at the tapes.

But there was an early turning point as Peterborough saw a 5-1 advantage turn into a 4-2 deficit in lap two following the retirement of leader Ashley Morris and a smart overtaking move on Zdenek Holub from visiting teenager Dan Bewley.

Edinburgh then seized the initiative with successive 5-1s before Masters beat Ostergaard in a fifth heat that ended in a 3-2 with Riss again retiring and Emil Grondal lapped after hitting bike trouble of his own.

Cook did inspire another 4-2 in heat six but a 5-1 from Monarchs duo Bewley and Mark Riss in heat eight left Peterborough staring at an 11-point deficit.

They did succeed in reducing it to seven points following a 5-3 in heat nine when Ostergaard went in search of double-points and an 11th heat 4-2 featuring Busk Jakobsen’s victory.

But they couldn’t mount a dramatic comeback as Edinburgh sealed victory when Masters and top-scorer Kevin Wolbert got the better of the previously unbeaten Cook in a heat 13 5-1.

Former Peterborough man Ryan Fisher followed up with victory in a penultimate race 4-2 to secure all four points for the visitors before Ostergaard signed off with victory in a fantastic finale.

Peterborough will be out to claim revenge when they travel to Edinburgh for a return clash on Friday (7.30pm).

That is the first of two away meetings in the space of 24 hours for a Panthers side who then go to Berwick on Saturday (7pm).


PETERBOROUGH ‘T BALFE CONSTRUCTION’ PANTHERS: Ulrich Ostergaard 13, Craig Cook 10, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 6, Zdenek Holub 3+1, Emil Grondal 3+1, Tom Perry 3, Ashley Morris 1.

EDINBURGH: Kevin Wolbert 12+1, Sam Masters 11+1, Dan Bewley 10+2, Ryan Fisher 9+2, Erik Riss 7, Mark Riss 2+1, Max Clegg 1.

1 - Cook (59.0), Masters, Perry, M. Riss (ret). 4-2, 4-2.
2 - Bewley (61.1), Holub, Clegg, Morris (ret). 2-4, 6-6.
3 - E. Riss (60.9), Fisher, Ostergaard, Grondal. 1-5, 7-11.
4 - Wolbert (59.8), Bewley, Busk Jakobsen, Holub. 1-5, 8-16.
5 - Masters (59.6), Ostergaard, Grondal (ret), M. Riss (ret). 2-3, 10-19.
6 - Cook (59.9), Wolbert, Perry, Clegg. 4-2, 14-21.
7 - Fisher (61.6), Busk Jakobsen, Holub, E. Riss. 3-3, 17-24.
8 - Bewley (62.4), M. Riss, Perry, Morris. 1-5, 18-29.
9 - Wolbert (60.9), Ostergaard (t/r), Grondal, Clegg. 5-3, 23-32.
10 - Cook (60.6), E. Riss, Fisher, Perry. 3-3, 26-35.
11 - Busk Jakobsen (62.1), Masters, Morris, M. Riss. 4-2, 30-37.
12 - Ostergaard (62.3), E. Riss, Bewley, Holub. 3-3, 33-40.
13 - Masters (61.7), Wolbert, Cook, Busk Jakobsen. 1-5, 34-45.
14 - Fisher (62.4), Grondal, Bewley, Holub (fell). 2-4, 36-49.
15 - Ostergaard (62.9), Wolbert, Masters, Cook. 3-3, 39-52.

Picture: Craig Cook leads the way for Panthers in heat 1 (by STEVE HONE).

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