SPEEDWAY is the fastest, most exciting, thrill-a-second motor sport there is.

And Peterborough's East of England Showground is universally acknowledged as one of the top racing tracks in Britain - a regular venue for World Championship events, including World Finals.

It is also the home of the Peterborough Readypower Panthers, one of the top teams in the Elite League, where all of the world's top stars race throughout the summer months.

Riders race specially-built brakeless motorcycles and fans never miss a second's action as all the racing takes place on a 336 metre shale track around the main arena within the Showground at Alwalton.

The 2,200-seat grandstand provides the perfect vantage point but there are also pleasant grass banks where you can sit and watch the all-out action.

Races last around a minute from tapes to chequered flag and with four riders in every heat there can be a heart-stopping moment every second!

Peterborough are one of ten clubs in the Elite League where the target is to make it into the top four, booking a place in the dramatic end-of-season play-offs which decide each year's league champions.

Two riders from each team face each other in each of the 15 races and the home heroes are clearly identifiable by their team race-suits and the distinctive red and blue helmet colours (the opposition have white and yellow-and-black helmet colours to aid identification).

From the starting gate riders accelerate from 0-60 in a matter of seconds and the close combat for four laps ensures an exciting night of adrenalin-filled, family entertainment.

The air fence provides protection for crashing riders and newcomers can follow what is happening via the meeting announcer and presenter, who will keep you in touch, including interviewing the riders during the meeting.

It's as simple as abc to capture all the drama - with a easy-to-follow scoring system to decide the result of each league match.

And there's always a long-term supporter sitting or standing next to you to explain the various rules and regulations that will, eventually, add to your enjoyment.

The official match programme - on sale when you come into the stadium - will explain things in greater details and is almost an essential if you are to get the most out of your visit.

It's a great night out for the kids as well - with Peterborough's colourful mascots mingling among the crowd and entertaining everyone on the manicured centre green.

You can also visit the pits paddock area to get up close to the riders as they prepare to go out for their races - or return in victory or defeat.

There's a comfortable bar, food and soft drink outlets and acres and acres of parking at the East of England Showground with meetings usually on a Thursday or Friday night but with occasional Monday evening and Bank Holiday clashes.

You will also have a chance of seeing yourself on Sky TV - the cameras cover one or two meetings a week throughout the season, which starts in March and ends in October, for live transmission on one of the Sky Sports channels.

You can check out the home fixtures, admission prices and special offers elsewhere on the website.

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