Monday July 17, 2017
PETERBOROUGH promoter Ged Rathbone has clarified his position regarding the involvement of Redcar rider Charles Wright in yesterday's SGB Championship clash between the two clubs.

The 'T Balfe Construction' Panthers triumphed 51-42 against a Bears side, featuring Wright, at the East of England Arena.

And contrary to circulating gossip, Rathbone insists his intervention is the only reason Wright was able to take his place after being knocked out in a crash when the sides met in the reverse fixture 10 days earlier. Peterborough triumphed 52-40 at the Media Prima Arena on that occasion.

Rathbone said: "I was in frequent contact with members of the Redcar promotion throughout last week to make them aware they needed to get medical clearance from Charles' own doctor.

"That is a basic requirement following any head injury and he would not have been able to ride, but it was not obtained until late on Saturday.

"As a promoter, I have a duty of care to all riders racing in a meeting staged at our track. Had it been another club, I would not have got involved and Charles would not have been racing.

"I only stepped in to assist my hometown team and yet I have ended up being criticised by people who wrongly seem to think I was attempting to stop him racing when in fact I was doing quite the opposite."

Peterborough and Redcar meet twice more in the coming days - in the North-East on Thursday and back at the East of England Arena again on Sunday.

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